(4) AON -Mustad Custom Assist Jig Hooks -300lb with Split Rings -Salt water Hooks

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The Mustad- All or Nothing Duty Heavy 4 Pack w/glow feathers

5/0 Good for your smaller daytime Jigs

9/0 Good for your Bigger Vertical/Knife night time Jigs

Notes: We suggest you contect a heavy Solid Ring to hooks and then attach the split ring to the Jig.

4 Piece set of premium jigging assist hooks w/glow feathers designed specifically for big game fishing in saltwater environments. These hooks are built to withstand the intense pressure and challenging conditions encountered when targeting powerful species like tuna and other large game fish.

Each hook in the pack is constructed using high-quality materials and Mustad's expertise in hook manufacturing. The hooks are made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring they can withstand the harsh saltwater environment without compromising their strength or sharpness.

The Mustad Custom Assist Jig Hooks are designed to handle extreme loads, with a rated strength of 300lb. This heavy-duty rating allows you to confidently target and hook into large and aggressive fish species without fear of the hooks bending or breaking under pressure.

One of the key features of these hooks is the assist configuration. Each hook is equipped with a strong and flexible assist cord that enhances hook-up ratios. The assist cord is securely attached to the hook's eye, providing additional movement and enticing action to the bait or lure being used. This design significantly improves the chances of a solid hook set and reduces the risk of fish throwing the hook during the fight.

Additionally, the Mustad All or Nothing Duty Heavy 4 Pack includes split rings, which are essential for connecting the hooks to your jigging lures or rigs. The included split rings are sturdy and reliable, ensuring that the hooks remain securely attached to your fishing setup.

The Mustad All or Nothing Duty Heavy 4 Pack is a versatile set of jigging assist hooks suitable for various saltwater fishing applications. Whether you're targeting tuna, amberjack, grouper, or other large game fish, these hooks are designed to handle the challenge and provide you with the confidence to go after trophy fish.

Overall, Mustad's All or Nothing Duty Heavy 4 Pack of Custom Assist Jig Hooks with Split Rings is a reliable and durable choice for saltwater anglers who want to tackle big game fish. With their high strength rating, assist configuration, and corrosion-resistant materials, these hooks are built to perform under extreme conditions and help you land that trophy fish of a lifetime.