BIG EYE 7' /3.2oz Stick-bait -Floating ,Clear Reflective/ Holographic Flash

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BIG EYE  Flash Bomb Stickbait :

o  Floating & Swimming

o  Long Casting

o  Weight Transfer

o  Treble hooks 6x strong owner size 4/0

o  200lb. split ring

o  175mm

o 7 inch

o  90g (3.2) oz

Floating life-like large minnow-shaped lure. Holographic reflective coating for a real-life look. The perfect lure for catching Pelagic Fish. Weight Transfer/ to attract fish from afar. 

All Pelagic Fish

Yellow Tail


Giant Trevally (GT)

Amber Jacks

Spanish Mackerel

Mahi Mahi

Introducing the game-changing BIG EYE HALOGRAPHIC Floating Tuna Stickbait, a masterpiece of angling innovation that promises to elevate your pelagic fishing adventures to unparalleled heights. Designed with precision and crafted for excellence, this lure is a must-have for both seasoned anglers and novices seeking to conquer the open waters and land the trophy catch of a lifetime.

Description: Prepare to be captivated by the dazzling allure of the BIG EYE HOLOGRAPHIC Floating Tuna Stickbait. Measuring an impressive 7 inches and weighing 3.2 ounces, this lure boasts a lifelike profile that replicates the exact dimensions of a baitfish, effectively enticing a wide array of pelagic species. The secret lies in its meticulously crafted holographic finish, which mimics the shimmering play of light on the water's surface, effectively mesmerizing predatory fish and triggering their instinctual feeding response.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the BIG EYE Stickbait is engineered to maintain optimal buoyancy, ensuring it remains suspended just below the water's surface. Its streamlined design allows for remarkable casting distances, granting you access to even the most elusive hunting grounds of pelagic giants.

How to Use:

  1. Casting Precision: Employ a sturdy saltwater rod and reel combination to cast the BIG EYE Stickbait with accuracy. Locate areas where pelagic fish are likely to congregate, such as drop-offs, reefs, and current edges.

  2. Retrieve Technique: Use a combination of steady and erratic retrieves to mimic the natural movements of baitfish. The holographic finish will come to life in the water, creating flashes that are irresistible to predators. Vary your retrieve speed and pauses to imitate wounded or fleeing prey.

  3. Topwater Action: The BIG EYE Stickbait is designed to float enticingly on the water's surface, making it an excellent choice for topwater action. Twitch the lure with short and sharp movements to imitate struggling baitfish. Explosive strikes from species like GT (giant trevally) are not uncommon with this technique.

  4. Versatile Targeting: While optimized for tuna, the BIG EYE Stickbait is an all-around pelagic magnet. Target species like mahi-mahi, Amber Jack, kingfish, and even the mighty GT with this versatile lure.

  5. Adapt to Conditions: Tailor your approach to prevailing conditions. During calm seas, focus on subtler movements to imitate calm baitfish. In choppy waters, a more aggressive retrieve can attract attention from a distance.

  6. Play the Waiting Game: Remember, patience is key. Allow the BIG EYE Stickbait to work its magic, giving fish ample time to assess and strike. A sudden pause in the retrieve can often trigger a hesitant fish into committing to the attack.

Unleash the power of the BIG EYE -Holographic Floating Tuna Stickbait and witness the transformation of your pelagic fishing expeditions into legendary tales of conquest. With its cutting-edge design and strategic usage, this lure is your ticket to reeling in pelagic giants with unparalleled style and finesse. Elevate your angling game and make every cast count with the BIG EYE Stickbait by your side.