California Starter JIG (8)w/Free Jig Bag - Vertical ,Casting Fish & Slow Pitch JIGS -Salt water Jigs

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(8-pack) California Jig Pack Starter-All Rigged/w/free Jig Bag $15.00 value

Targeting -California Tuna/yellow Tail/Mahi/Skipjack/Bonito and more

(1 ) Casting FIsh- Sardine 80gm/2.8oz 

(1 ) Casting Pitch it Jig - Gold/Orange 100gm/3.5oz

(1) Casting FIsh- Mermaid Glow /Katy Perry 120gm/4oz

(1 ) Fish Stick Hybrid Jig- Casting/Vertical /Slow Pitch 140gm/4.9oz 

(1 ) Holographic Flutter Fish jig- Casting/Vertical 150gm /5.3oz 

(1) RidgeBack Glow Jig- Slow Pitch/Vertical Jig  180gm /6.3oz 

(1 ) Squid jig- Chrome/Silver reflective Vertical Jigging /200gm/7oz

(1)  Tuna Time Vertical Jig- Vertical Jigging  250gm /8.8oz   

The California Starter Jig (8) with Free Jig Bag is a versatile jigging set designed for saltwater fishing. It includes a selection of jigs suitable for vertical jigging, casting, fish jigging, and slow-pitch jigging techniques. The set comes with a convenient jig bag for easy storage and transportation.

Vertical jigging involves dropping the jig straight down into the water column and then retrieving it in a jerking motion to imitate a wounded baitfish. This technique is effective for targeting species such as tuna, amberjack, and grouper.

Casting jigs are designed to be cast out and retrieved back to the angler. They are typically used for species like tuna, Skipjack, striped bass, roosterfish, and snook. The California Starter Jig set includes jigs suitable for this technique.

Fish jigging refers to a technique where the jig is moved erratically to attract predatory fish. This can be done by using quick upward jerks followed by controlled drops. It is effective for species like Tuna, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, Bonito, and bottom fish as well.

Slow-pitch jigging is a relatively new technique that involves using a specialized jig and rhythmic movements to entice fish to strike. It is commonly used for species like snapper, grouper, and amberjack.

Saltwater jigging can be an exciting and effective way to catch a variety of game fish. The California Starter Jig (8) set provides you with a range of jigs suitable for different techniques, making it easier to adapt to various fishing conditions and target species.