AON Jerkbait: -Swimming & Sinking 4 3/4 -1.5oz

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All or Nothing Jerkbait:  :

o  Sinking & Swimming

o  Long Casting

o  Weight Transfer/Rattle Tech

o  Treble hooks 4x strong Vmc #1

o  100lb Split rings

o  120mm  

o 4 3/4 inch

o  44g  1.5oz

Targets Most Pelagic Fish/Predatory Reef Fish

Yellow Tail


Smaller Trevally (GT)

Mahi Mahi 

All Reef Fish

Fish Size under 50lbs
An easy-to-use saltwater lure for big game fishing and Reef predators.
Size 4 3/4 44gms/ 1.5oz
A versatile, smaller, and heavier lure that can be used for both open-water casting or rocks reef fishing.
Sinking 5-7 feet:
A sub-surface lure that imitates a swimming baitfish, best suited for fishing around submerged structures or vegetation.
Hybrid Fishing style:
A lure with three fishing methods - Casting and cranking just below the surface or casting, sinking, and winding in around structures or active baitfish movement

Crank Bait Fishing Style for Big Game:

The sinking Crank Bait is designed for big game fishing and is a popular choice among anglers. Its sinking action allows it to reach deeper water where large game fish often reside. Here's how to fish it effectively:

Casting and Retrieving: Cast the Crank Bait to your desired location in the water. Let it sink to the desired depth before starting your retrieve. Crank the lure back in with a steady and smooth motion, mimicking the movement of wounded prey. The sinking action combined with the realistic appearance of the bait will attract predatory fish.

Jerking Action: If the fish seem picky or not responding to a steady retrieve, try adding some action to the lure. After casting, use a jerk-and-pause technique. Jerk the bait sharply, imitating an injured or fleeing fish, and then pause for a few seconds. This erratic movement can trigger a bite from cautious or curious fish.

Varying Retrieve Speed: Experiment with different retrieval speeds to determine the fish's preference on that particular day. Sometimes, a fast retrieve may entice aggressive strikes, while a slower retrieve might tempt more sluggish predators.

Target Structure: Focus your fishing around submerged structures, drop-offs, rocky outcrops, or underwater vegetation. Big game fish often use these areas as ambush points, and the sinking Crank Bait can lure them out effectively.

Adapt to Conditions: Adjust your fishing style based on water conditions and the behavior of the fish. If you notice fish following the lure without striking, try changing the color or size of the Crank Bait to match their preferences.

Remember to use appropriate tackle and equipment suitable for big game fishing, as these fish can be strong and put up a great fight. Stay patient, be observant, and adapt your approach to increase your chances of landing a trophy catch with the sinking Crank Bait.