Switchback Jig -200gms RIGGED - Vertical Jig/Knife Jig-Salt water

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Switchback Pelagic Flutter Jig  - Saltwater Big-Game Fishing

Maximizes fluttering action during the Drop

 Techniques: Vertical Hybrid Jigging, Drop it over the boat to the water column and fish the zone. 

  • BKK or Mustad 3/0 or 4/0  Single assist hooks on each side w/250lb spit rings
  • The unique shape and rounded edge helps the movement of the jig in less current
  • Maximizes fluttering action during the Drop Side to side action 
  • Crafted with mesmerizing Special visual Reflective coating
  • 8 inches/200gms
  • Fishing Ready -No changing of hooks Needed


Introducing the Pelagic Flutter Jig, weighing 200 grams, specifically engineered to target a wide range of pelagic species, including various tuna species and bottom-dwelling predators under 400ft. With its unique SWITCHBACK design, this jig maximizes fluttering action during the drop, making it irresistible to these high-energy predators. Whether you're targeting speedy tunas or formidable bottom-dwelling predators, the Pelagic Flutter Jig is your go-to lure for a successful saltwater fishing adventure.