Strike Tuna Popper -Salt water 5.9 inches or 6.9 inches

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 Strike Tuna Popper /Topwater-Saltwater

* 150lb Split Rings

* 5x strong owner hooks size 2/0 or 3/0

* 5.9 inches150mm/68gms (1.9 oz) 2/0 owner Treble hooks

* 6.9 inches 175mm/54.5 gms (2.4oz) 3/0 owner ST76 Treble hooks

 Open-mouth-faced lure attracts fish with large splashing action. Holographic reflective coating for a real-life look. Rattle with adjusting weight for long casting. All through Wired, The perfect lure for catching all Pelagic Fish.

FISH TYPE- Below and more

Yellow Tail


Giant Trevally (GT)


Amber Jacks

Spanish Mackerel

Mahi Mahi

Unleashing the Hottest Craze Feed popper style for Tuna Fishing in California: Saltwater Strike Tuna Popper 

Introduction: Tuna fishing in California has long been a favorite pursuit for anglers seeking exhilarating battles with these powerful and sought-after game fish. As the sport continues to evolve, a new craze has emerged, revolving around the use of saltwater feed poppers. These innovative lures have quickly gained popularity among fishing enthusiasts for their ability to entice tuna and elevate the fishing experience to new heights. In this write-up, we will delve into the exciting world of saltwater feed poppers and explore why they have become the hottest craze for tuna fishing in California.

  1. What are Saltwater Strike Tuna Poppers? Saltwater Strike poppers are specialized lures designed to mimic the movements and appearance of small baitfish, which are the primary food source for tuna. They typically feature a hollow body, allowing the angler to add scent or bait to attract the attention of the fish. The poppers are designed to create a surface disturbance when retrieved, imitating the frantic and erratic behavior of injured baitfish. This action triggers the predatory instincts of tuna, enticing them to strike aggressively.

  2. Why Saltwater Poppers?  Enhanced Attractiveness: Saltwater poppers excel at attracting tuna due to their lifelike appearance and realistic action. Their design allows for customization by adding scent or bait, making them even more appealing to the fish. The combination of visual and olfactory stimuli creates a compelling presentation that can prove irresistible to tuna.

     3 Topwater Thrills: One of the main reasons saltwater poppers are  popular is the thrilling nature of topwater strikes. 

  1. Techniques for Using Saltwater Poppers: To maximize success with saltwater poppers, anglers employ various techniques tailored to the behavior and feeding patterns of tuna. Here are a few key strategies:

3.1 Cast and Retrieve: The most common method is to cast the popper near feeding tuna or into areas known to hold fish. After the cast, retrieve the lure using a combination of steady retrieves, pauses, and occasional pops or splashes to create a surface commotion. This imitates the movement of an injured or fleeing baitfish, grabbing the attention of nearby tuna.

3.2 Commotion and Popping: By manipulating the popper with quick rod-tip movements, anglers can make the lure "pop" or splash on the surface, mimicking the behavior of a distressed baitfish. This erratic action can provoke aggressive strikes from tuna that are in a feeding frenzy or searching for prey.

  1. Choosing the Right Saltwater Poppers: When selecting saltwater  poppers for tuna fishing, it's crucial to consider several factors:

1 Size and Weight: Choose poppers that closely match the size of the baitfish that tuna are feeding on. Heavier poppers allow for longer casts and help withstand windy conditions, while lighter ones work well in calmer waters.

4.2 Color and Pattern: Opt for poppers that mimic the colors and patterns of the local baitfish, such as sardines or anchovies. This will increase the lure's effectiveness in fooling tuna into believing it's a genuine prey item.

4.3 Durability: Given the aggressive nature of tuna strikes, selecting poppers made from durable materials is essential. Look for models with strong hooks, sturdy construction, and quality finishes that can withstand the powerful jaws of these game fish.

Conclusion: Saltwater poppers have taken the tuna fishing scene in California by storm, offering an exciting and effective way to target these magnificent game fish. With their lifelike appearance, realistic action, and ability to create surface commotion, these lures have become the hottest craze among anglers seeking adrenaline-pumping encounters with tuna. By understanding the techniques and selecting the right poppers, you can enhance your chances of hooking into a prized tuna and enjoy an unforgettable fishing adventure on the California coast.