Vertical Fish Jig -100gm/3.5oz Hybrid Jig-Salt water

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Vertical Fish Jig-Saltwater Big-Game Fishing

Catch all Pelagic fish, Reef Predators, and Bottom Dwellers

 Techniques: Hybrid Slow Pitch /Vertical Jigging, Drop it over the boat to the water column and fish the zone. Let the lure do the rest.

 Slow Pitch/Vertical Jig

 Mustad 2/0 Double assist hooks w/Glow feathers & 150lb spit rings                

  • Flat top Beveled edge/Quick Drop. Unrivaled fluttering action with a Flat bottom 
  • Crafted with a mesmerizing Chrome tint coating 
  • 6 inches /100gms 
  • Fishing Ready -No changing of hooks Needed

 The Vertical Fish Jig offers versatile fishing styles to enhance your fishing experience. With its hybrid slow pitch/vertical jigging technique, you have the flexibility to adapt to different fishing conditions and target a wide range of fish species.

To employ the hybrid slow pitch technique, simply drop the Vertical Fish Jig over the boat into the water column and let it reach the desired depth. Once in the zone, you can engage in a slow and deliberate jigging motion, enticing fish with the lure's mesmerizing fluttering action. This technique is effective in attracting predatory fish that are drawn to the jig's enticing movements.

Alternatively, you can utilize the vertical jigging technique with the Vertical Fish Jig. Similar to the slow pitch technique, drop the jig over the boat and allow it to descend to the desired depth. Once in position, you can impart a more rapid jigging motion, creating an erratic action that mimics a wounded or fleeing baitfish. This technique is particularly effective in targeting aggressive fish that are triggered by fast-moving prey.

Regardless of the technique you choose, the Vertical Fish Jig is designed to excel in both styles of fishing. Its streamlined design, mesmerizing tint coating, and impeccable hook setup with durable assist hooks make it a reliable companion for your fishing adventures. Let the Vertical Fish Jig do the work for you as you drop it into the water column and fish the zone, unlocking the potential for exciting catches and unforgettable fishing memories.