Big Eye- Hybrid Fish Jig -120gms Casting/Swimming-Salt water Jigs

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Big Eye- (Glow Eyes) Hybrid Casting Fish - Saltwater Jigs

 Techniques: Cast it into the fish Zone and Reel, Drop it over the boat or this Lure can be vertically jigged

 Similar to a Colt sniper

  • Owner 5x strong Treble hooks size 2/0
  • Casting -Easy to use Just Reel it in, Quick Drop -Flutter action  on Drop
  • 5 inches
  • 120g (4.2oz)


The Big Eye- Hybrid Casting Fish Jig 120gms -Saltwater Jig is a perfect lure for big game fishing for Tuna, Yellow Tail, Mahi Mahi, and more. This jig is designed with a weighted tip and body for increased casting distance and accuracy. It's made with durable metal construction and features a strong Owner treble hook for a secure hold. The bright and reflective colors are sure to attract the attention of any tuna in the area. With the Big Eye- Hybrid Casting Fish Jig-Saltwater Jig, you'll have the perfect lure for a successful bluefin tuna fishing trip.