Torpedo Cast Hybrid Glow Jig -120gms/4oz Vertical/Casting-Saltwater Jigs

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 Techniques: Hyrid Jig- Vertical Jigging/Cast it into the fish Zone and Reel or Drop it over the boat (w/Bkk  Treble Tail Hook for Casting)

 Catch most Pelagic fish and Reef Predators

  • BKK 6x Treble hook size 2/0 Glow Back
  • Easy to use Just Reel it in, or Quick Drop it over the boat -Flutter action on Drop
  • 5 inches
  • 120g (4oz) 

 Introducing the new "Torpedo Cast Hybrid Glow Jig " - an innovative Casting fishing jig designed to target tuna and most pelagic fish!

Enhanced Flutter Sinking Action: The jig is meticulously crafted to Flutter rapidly through the water column, closely resembling a sardine or other baitfish plunging into the depths. This realistic action is sure to attract the attention of the hungry Fish below.

Design: With its Ridged Glow back, this jig is perfect for targeting Large Reef and pelagic species. Its weight allows for long casts and effective fishing even in strong currents.

Shimmer Reflective Coating with Glow: The jig is coated with a specialized shimmer glow reflective material, which replicates the captivating glimmer of natural baitfish scales. As it moves through the water, the jig emits an enticing flash and Glow, drawing Fish from afar.

Versatile Rigging Options: The "Torpedo Cast Hybrid Glow Jig" can be rigged in various ways to suit your fishing style. Whether you prefer an attached Tail Bkk/Treble hook for more hook-up points or Double assist hooks can be added also to promise to deliver outstanding results

Durable Construction: Built to withstand the toughest challenges of saltwater fishing, the jig is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring it can handle the powerful strikes and fights that come with targeting large tuna.

Designed: Our team of anglers collaborated to develop this jig, incorporating valuable insights and knowledge to make it a top-notch choice for tuna fishing.

Are you ready to take your tuna fishing to the next level? With the "Torpedo Cast Hybrid Glow Jig," you can be confident that you're equipped with a cutting-edge lure that replicates the real thing, effectively enticing tuna and other pelagic predators from the depths.

Metal jigs: are versatile fishing lures that have become increasingly popular among anglers for their effectiveness in attracting a wide variety of saltwater species. The design and weight of metal jigs allow them to be cast over long distances and work effectively at different depths. Here are some popular fishing styles or techniques using metal jigs

How to Fish Our Jigs:

Jigging: Jigging is the primary and most common fishing style used with metal jigs. Anglers drop the metal jig vertically into the water and then retrieve it with quick, upward-jerking motions followed by controlled descents. This action mimics wounded or fleeing baitfish, attracting predatory fish like tuna, amberjack, snapper, and grouper.

Fast Jigging / Speed Jigging: This is an aggressive form of jigging where the angler rapidly jerks the metal jig through the water column. The goal is to trigger reaction strikes from fast-moving pelagic species like tuna, kingfish, and wahoo.

Slow Pitch Jigging: Slow pitch jigging is a more methodical approach where the angler works the metal jig with slower and deliberate movements, imitating the natural movement of injured prey. It can be effective for catching species that prefer a slower presentation, such as snapper and grouper.

Casting and Retrieving: While metal jigs are predominantly used for vertical jigging, they can also be cast and retrieved horizontally. Cast the metal jig near structure or over schools of baitfish and retrieve it at varying speeds to imitate a fleeing or injured fish.

When using metal jigs, it's essential to vary your retrieval speed, depth, and jigging motion to determine what the fish prefer on a given day. Additionally, pay attention to the color and size of the jig, as different conditions and species may favor specific color patterns or lure sizes. Metal jigs are a fantastic addition to any angler's tackle box and can yield exciting results across various fishing styles and environments.