California Pitch-it V-Back Jig 150gms -Slow Pitch/Salt water Jigs

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California Pitch- it Torpedo Slow Pitch JIG -Saltwater Jigs

Quick Drop / Vertical jig /Use in Place of a Sinker Rig-

Catch Tuna in the daytime, Pelagic fish, and Bottom Dwellers

  • Mustad 6x Double assist hooks size 4/0 Glow feathers 150lbs Split rings. Easy to use Just  Quick drop over the boat -Quick Full Flutter water action on Drop
  • 5 inches
  • 150g (5oz) 
  • Drop over the boat in the fish Water Zone or Cast it and let it drop 

Using Slow pitch jigs Is an easy and simple way to Seriously catch all types of fish Especially Big game fish.

Ninety percent of the bites are on the fall, but you will likely feel the bite when lifting the rod. Don’t drop and rip your metal jig back to the surface. Instead, try to keep your jig in the exact depths where fish are suspending and Relax.

After dropping your jig into the strike zone, “the first turn of the handle loads the tip of the rod since slow ­pitching requires little effort let it drop, Remember the tip snaps the jig up and then [the jig] free-falls in the strike zone. After a couple of short seconds, that fall ends, so you have to develop a cadence, making quarter-turns or half-turns of the reel methodically to load the rod. Usually, I make five or six cranks, and then I free-spool the jig back down.” 

How to Fish Our Jigs:

Vertical jigging involves dropping the jig straight down into the water column and then retrieving it in a jerking motion to imitate a wounded baitfish. This technique is effective for targeting species such as tuna, amberjack, and grouper.

Casting jigs are designed to be cast out and retrieved back to the angler. They are typically used for species like tuna, Skipjack, striped bass, roosterfish, and snook.

Fish jigging refers to a technique where the jig is moved erratically to attract predatory fish. This can be done by using quick upward jerks followed by controlled drops. It is effective for species like Tuna, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, Bonito, and bottom fish as well.

Slow-pitch jigging is a relatively new technique that involves using a specialized jig and rhythmic movements to entice fish to strike. It is commonly used for species like snapper, grouper, and amberjack.

Saltwater jigging can be an exciting and effective way to catch a variety of game fish.