8 Casting Jig Pack -120gms Casting/Swimming-8 pack w/Free jig Bag

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What do you get?

A Free Jig Bag $15 value

2 glow Casting Mermaid fish 120gm 4.3oz

6 X-treme Casting Surface Irons 120gm 4.3oz


Techniques: Cast it into the fish Zone and Reel it as it swims or Drop it over the boat Retrieve

  • Owner 6x strong Treble hooks size 2/0
  • Casting -Easy to use Just Reel it in, Quick Drop -Flutter action  on Drop
  • (6) 4 3/4  X-treme and (2) 5 1/2 Mermaids inches /Slender profile with back tail weight
  • 120g (4.3oz) w/back High Reflective tint


Introducing the GameChanger X-Treme Saltwater Surface Iron - the ultimate weapon in your angling arsenal! Get ready to experience an adrenaline-pumping adventure like never before as you conquer the open seas and reel in the most coveted saltwater trophies.

Weighing in at a jaw-dropping 120 grams, this fishing lure is perfectly balanced with an incredibly sleek and slender profile. Its aerodynamic design allows for maximum casting distance, enabling you to reach those elusive feeding grounds where the giants lurk.

But that's not all! The tail weight transfer system takes this lure to a whole new level of excitement. With each cast, feel the anticipation build as the weight effortlessly shifts towards the tail, generating a mesmerizing swimming action that's sure to entice even the most finicky predators. The water erupts in a frenzy as tuna, yellowtail, and a myriad of other formidable gamefish lock onto the lifelike motion of the GameChanger X-Treme.

Equipped with ultra-strong 6X Owner hooks, these battle-tested warriors can withstand the most ferocious strikes without buckling under pressure. Designed to pierce the toughest jaws and stay firmly hooked, the Owner hooks ensure that once you've got a fish on the line, it's staying there until the final bell.

To ensure unbreakable connections, we've incorporated heavyweight 150lb split rings. No more worrying about your gear failing in the heat of battle - these split rings provide unmatched strength and durability, giving you the confidence to battle the ocean's toughest predators without compromise.

So gear up, grab your rod, and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey like no other. The GameChanger X-Treme Saltwater Surface Iron is here to redefine your angling experience, delivering heart-pounding action, thrilling fights, and unforgettable memories. Are you ready to reel in the monsters of the deep? Get ready to revolutionize your fishing game!

Fishing Styles:

  1. Long Casting: To cover more water and reach those distant feeding zones, focus on developing your casting technique. Practice generating high line speeds and maintaining a fluid motion to achieve maximum casting distance. Long casts increase your chances of attracting fish from a wider area.

  2. Retrieve Variations: Experiment with different retrieve speeds and patterns to find what works best on any given day. Start with a steady retrieve to imitate a fast-moving baitfish. If that doesn't yield results, try a stop-and-go retrieve by pausing for a few seconds intermittently to mimic a wounded or struggling prey. Mix up your retrieves until you discover the presentation that triggers the most aggressive strikes.

  3. Walk the Dog: This technique involves imparting a side-to-side zigzag motion to the lure. After casting, give your line a slight twitch while reeling in steadily. This action causes the surface iron to dart left and right, imitating a fleeing baitfish. The erratic movement often entices predatory fish to strike with ferocity.

  4. Target Structure: Saltwater gamefish, like tuna and yellowtail, often congregate around underwater structures such as kelp beds, rocky outcrops, or submerged reefs. Cast your surface iron lure near these structures and work it along the edges, allowing it to dance enticingly along the drop-offs. Predators lurking nearby won't be able to resist the opportunity for an easy meal.

  5. Time your Strikes: When you see a fish following your surface iron but not committing, resist the urge to immediately reel in and recast. Instead, slow down your retrieve or pause the lure briefly, allowing the fish to close in and strike. This technique can be particularly effective with cautious or hesitant fish.

  6. Match the Hatch: Pay attention to the prevailing baitfish in the area. If possible, choose a surface iron lure that closely resembles the coloration of the local forage. This increases the lure's effectiveness and makes it more likely to be mistaken for a natural prey item.