Magic Popper /Duck Dive /Tuna Popper Lure

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Topwater: Magic Popper /Duck Dive /Tuna Popper Lure

Owner ST76 5x strong treble hooks size 3/0


7 1/2 inch

60g (2 oz)

Long Profile-faced lure with fish attracting splash action. Holographic reflective coating for a real-life look. The perfect lure for catching Pelagic Fish.


Yellow Tail


Giant Trevally (GT's)


Amber Jacks

Spanish Mackerel


Mahi Mahi

 Description: Introducing the Magic Popper / Duck Dive, the ultimate weapon in your arsenal for big game fishing adventures! Crafted with precision and innovation, this extraordinary lure is designed to entice even the most elusive trophy fish. Packed with features that set it apart, the Magic Popper / Duck Dive is the answer to every angler's dream.

Key Features:

  1. Flash Bomb with Rattle: The Magic Popper / Duck Dive boasts a built-in flash bomb that produces an irresistible underwater light show. Combined with an integrated rattle, this lure creates a sensory explosion that attracts the attention of nearby predators, making them unable to resist its allure.

  2. Weight Transfer Technology: Equipped with weight transfer technology, this lure allows for incredible casting distance and accuracy. This ensures you can reach those elusive fish even when they're lurking far from the boat.

  3. Slender Long Profile: The slender, elongated profile of the Magic Popper / Duck Dive mimics the natural prey of big game fish, making it a convincing and appetizing target. Its lifelike appearance and action are sure to fool even the wariest of predators.

How to Use:

  1. Casting: Before casting, ensure your fishing rod and line are suited to the size of the lure. Hold the rod firmly and prepare to cast.

  2. Aim and Release: Locate your target area, taking into account wind direction and current. Cast the Magic Popper / Duck Dive with a smooth, controlled motion. Thanks to its weight transfer technology, you'll be able to achieve remarkable casting distances.

  3. Retrieve: Once the lure hits the water, start your retrieval. The Magic Popper / Duck Dive is versatile, so you can experiment with various retrieval speeds and techniques. A slow, steady retrieve often mimics injured prey, enticing predatory fish.

  4. Use Jerks and Twitches: To add extra action and realism, incorporate occasional jerks or twitches during your retrieval. This imitates a wounded or distressed baitfish, making the lure even more irresistible.

  5. Be Patient: Big game fish can be elusive, so don't be discouraged if you don't get an immediate strike. Be patient, and keep working on the area. The Magic Popper / Duck Dive's incredible visuals and sound will continue to attract fish from a distance.

  6. Set the Hook: When you feel a strike or see a fish chasing your lure, execute a sharp hook set to secure your catch. The strong hooks on the Magic Popper / Duck Dive ensure a solid connection.

  7. Play and Land the Fish: Once you've hooked a trophy fish, play it carefully to avoid breaking your line. Use your angling skills to tire out the fish, and then bring it close to the boat for landing.

In summary, the Magic Popper / Duck Dive is a game-changing lure designed to enhance your big game fishing experience. Its unique combination of a flash bomb, rattle, weight transfer technology, and lifelike profile make it an irresistible choice for trophy hunters. Use it wisely, and get ready to reel in the fish of a lifetime