Tuna Fluttering Jig 180gms/6oz RIGGED -Salt water

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 Tuna Fluttering Jig -180gms/6oz-Saltwater Big-Game Fishing Jigs


 Techniques: Slow Pitch Jigging, Keep it Vertical, Relax, Drop it over the boat to the water column, and fish the zone. Let the jig Flutter, Keep a slack line, Reel, and Repeat

 Hybrid Slow Pitch/Vertical Jig

  • Bkk 4/0  Double assist hooks 
  • w/250lb spit rings
  • Beveled rounded smooth edge for unrivaled fluttering action, Quick Drop 
  • Crafted with mesmerizing Special visual reflective coating
  • 6 1/2 inches  180gms /6oz
  • Fishing Ready -No changing of hooks Needed


Tuna Fluttering Jig

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure! Introducing the amazing Tuna Fluttering Jig—a revolutionary fishing lure. It's 6 1/2 inches long and weighs a hefty 6 ounces, making it the perfect imitation of injured baitfish and an irresistible target for California's prized tuna.

Imagine yourself on a fishing boat, surrounded by the golden glow of the California sun reflecting on the vast ocean. The fresh morning air fills you with excitement as you anticipate the thrilling hunt ahead. Equipped with the powerful Tuna Fluttering Jig, you set off on an exciting daytime expedition, venturing into the heart of tuna territory in California.

As you lower the jig into the crystal-clear water, its intricately designed and flawlessly crafted form comes alive. The vibrant colors and lifelike movements send an irresistible message to the cunning tuna beneath the surface: "Prepare to meet your match!"

With each rhythmic jigging motion, the Tuna Fluttering Jig dances through the water, imitating the frantic movements of the baitfish that tuna crave. It's an irresistible display that no predator can resist. The mighty tuna can't help but be captivated by the jig's mesmerizing allure.

As you feel the line tighten and your fishing rod bends under the immense power of a hooked tuna, the world around you becomes a blur. The epic battle commences! Your heart races with the thrill that only true anglers know. The tug-of-war between you and the mighty tuna reaches its peak as you summon all your strength to conquer the indomitable California bluefin tuna.

With the sun at its zenith, a radiant glow illuminates your victorious smile as you reel in the catch of a lifetime. A magnificent, glistening tuna breaks the surface, its scales flashing in the sunlight, a testament to your angling expertise. It's a triumph born from skill, strategy, and the unmatched power of the Tuna Fluttering Jig.

So, my fellow adventurer, embrace the challenge and embark on a fishing expedition that will leave you breathless. Arm yourself with the Tuna Fluttering Jig, the ultimate weapon in your pursuit of California's elusive tuna. Prepare for thrilling battles, unforgettable stories, and memories that will forever be etched in your soul. The ocean eagerly awaits your conquest. Find your Paradise :)

Slow Pitch Jigging Techniques:

Using Slow pitch jigs Is an easy and simple way to Seriously catch all types of fish Especially Big game fish.

Ninety percent of the bites are on the fall, but you will likely feel the bite when lifting the rod. Don’t drop and rip your metal jig back to the surface. Instead, try to keep your jig in the exact depths where the fish are suspending,Relax and Repeat