New-Ghost 2 Sardine - 5 inch Mini Sinking Stick bait & Swimming -2.6oz

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Ghost 2 Sardine -Mini Sinking Stick bait -Great for Picky Tuna feeding on small Baits
Use in place of a Colt Sniper

o  Sinking & Swimming

o  Long Casting

o  Weight Transfer

o  Treble hooks 5x strong Owner 1/0

o  150lb Split rings

o  130mm  

o  5 inch

o  72g  2.6oz

Targets Most Pelagic Fish/Predatory Reef Fish

Yellow Tail


Smaller Trevally (GT)

Mahi Mahi 

All Reef Fish

Fish Size under 75lbs
An easy-to-use saltwater lure for big game fishing and Reef predators.

A versatile, smaller, and heavier lure that can be used for both open-water casting or rocks reef fishing.
Sinking 10-15 feet:
A sub-surface lure that imitates a swimming baitfish, best suited for fishing around submerged structures or vegetation.

Vivid 3D eyes
Realistic bait fish look featuring darting, fluttering, and Mimicking an injured baitfish

5x Strong BKK treble hooks (no changing hooks needed)


  • Introducing the Ghost 2, our latest innovation in fishing lures. This compact 72g Stickbait measures 5 inches and offers remarkable swimming performance, surpassing even the renowned surface iron. Designed to entice a variety of pelagic fish species such as tuna, yellowtail, skipjack, and bonito, the Ghost 2 is a must-have in your tackle box.
  • With its five captivating colors, this lure will catch the attention of fish in any condition. Additionally, the Ghost 2 features high-quality BKK 1/0 hooks and is equipped with robust 150-pound split rings, ensuring maximum durability and strength.
  • Whether you're targeting trophy fish or looking for an unforgettable angling experience, the Ghost 2 is your reliable companion. Make sure to include this exceptional lure in your fishing gear on your next adventure.


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