Magic Stick Glow Jig -150gms /5oz

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Length:  6" inches
Special:) Bkk /Shrimp Glow Feathers/Double assist hooks
Slow Pitch Jigging/Vertical Jigging
200lb strength Split Rings/Bkk Double Assist Hooks 6X
Uses: All Big Game fish, Reef fish, and all bottom Fish
No changing of hooks needed

Slow Pitch Jigging Techniques:  Drop it over the boat

Using Slow pitch jigs Is an easy and simple way to Seriously catch all types of fish Especially Big game fish. Most Fish are caught on the Drop.

"Dance of the Deep: Unleash the Enchantment with our Magic Stick Glow Slow Pitch/ Vertical Jig 150gms! This lure is not just a tool; it's a mesmerizing symphony designed to woo the pelagic predators of the ocean. Crafted with precision and infused with the essence of underwater allure, our jig boasts a memorizing shimmer that mimics the secret language of the deep.

As it flutters down the water column, this jig becomes a beacon of temptation, attracting curious gazes from the depths. Its weighty presence ensures a steady descent, while the glow emanating from its core beckons even the most elusive of ocean dwellers. The pelagic fish won't be able to resist the slow, tantalizing dance, as the Magic Stick teases with an otherworldly radiance.

So, gear up and wield this mystical instrument to embark on an adventure where you become the conductor of the undersea ballet. Let the Magic Stick guide you through the dance of light and shadow, and watch as pelagic wonders emerge from the abyss to join in the hypnotic rhythm. Your angling journey will forever be transformed with this enchanting jig in your arsenal."

Slow Pitch Jigging Technique

Slow-pitch jigging is all about seduction - mimicking the movements of wounded prey to trigger the predatory instincts of big game fish. As you drop the Magic Stick Glow Jig into the depths, use a rhythmic lift and fall technique. Lift the rod tip about half a meter and then let the jig flutter down naturally. Repeat this motion, maintaining a steady and deliberate pace.

Mastering the Dance
Magic Stick Glow Jig's unique shimmer design comes into play during slow-pitch jigging. This feature creates enticing water resistance, causing the jig to flutter seductively on the way down. As you retrieve it, it produces an alluring wobble that fish find irresistible. Stay alert, as strikes can be sudden and explosive!

Strong and Dependable
With its 6x BKK Glow Feather assist hooks, this jig ensures that once you hook a prized catch, it won't escape easily. The hooks are sharp and durable, ready to take on the strongest of adversaries. Feel the thrill of the fight as you battle with impressive game fish, knowing you have the right equipment for the job.

Versatile and Exciting
The Slow Pitch Magic Stick Glow Jig isn't just limited to big game fishing. Whether you're targeting bottom fish or reef dwellers, it performs with finesse and success. From snappers to kingfish, you'll find this jig to be your ultimate ally in the quest for diverse underwater treasures.

Unforgettable Adventures Await

Get ready to embrace the world of slow-pitch jigging with the Magic Stick Glow Jig! Its captivating technique and undeniable appeal will keep you hooked, quite literally, on the thrill of each fishing expedition. Explore the ocean's wonders and savor the moments of triumph as you reel in your catch-of-a-lifetime with this exceptional jig.

Don't miss out on this incredible fishing experience. Equip yourself with the Slow Pitch Magic Stick Jig, and let the excitement begin!

 Other Slow Pitch Jigging Techniques:  Drop it over the boat

Ninety percent of the bites are on the fall, but you will likely feel the bite when lifting the rod. Don’t drop and rip your metal jig back to the surface. Instead, try to keep your jig in the exact depths where fish are suspending and Relax.

After dropping your jig into the strike zone, “the first turn of the handle loads the tip of the rod since slow ­pitching requires little effort let it drop, Remember the tip snaps the jig up and then [the jig] free-falls in the strike zone. After a couple of short seconds, that fall ends, so you have to develop a cadence, making quarter-turns or half-turns of the reel methodically to load the rod. Usually, I make five or six cranks, and then I free-spool the jig back down.”