Tuna Time Glow Jig 250gms 8.8oz RIGGED- Vertical Jig-Salt water

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Tuna Time Glow Jig -Saltwater Big-Game Fishing

 Techniques: Vertical Jigging, Drop it over the boat to the water column and fish the zone.

 Vertical Jig/Knife Jig

  • Mustad 7/0 Single assist hooks on each side w/300lb spit rings
  • Rounded Glow top edge flat bottom and unrivaled fluttering action, Quick Drop 
  • Crafted with a mesmerizing GLow/reflective coating
  • 8 inches /250gms 8.8 oz
  • Fishing Ready -No changing of hooks Needed


Introducing the Tuna Time Glow California Vertical Jig, a cutting-edge high-speed jig specially crafted to enhance your fishing experience. This reimagined jig boasts an elongated 8-inch slender profile, purposefully designed to facilitate faster sinking, thereby making it an ideal choice for targeting fish in deeper waters or areas with heightened water currents. Its unparalleled efficacy in attracting and subduing tuna and other formidable predators is truly remarkable.

What sets the Tuna Time California Vertical Jig apart is its unique ability to perform with exceptional agility. As it plunges into the depths, this jig showcases a captivating erratic action, captivating the attention of any nearby fish. Furthermore, during the initial descent, it exhibits a robust gliding motion that further entices the predators lurking below. Most bottom fish as well.

With the Tuna Time California Vertical Jig in your arsenal, you'll unlock a new level of fishing prowess. Its streamlined design, combined with its dynamic movement patterns, ensures that you can drop and work the jig at an accelerated pace. No longer will you be constrained by sluggish jigs; instead, you'll have the power to exploit every opportunity swiftly and effectively.

Embrace the power of the Tuna Time California Vertical Jig and revolutionize your fishing adventures. Its faster sinking capabilities and enticing action will lure in your desired catch, allowing you to dominate the waters like never before.