Wide Mouth Flash Popper 8 inch Floating- Reflective Tech Flash

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Topwater- For Big Tuna or GT

 6x strong Owner size 7/0  Treble hooks

205mm -8inch

133gms -4.7 oz


Features:-  Wide open mouth, strong temptation, fierce wide bubble water splash-duck diving, Laser effect body, reflects light, Weight transfer for ultimate casting.
Reflective coating for a real-life look. 

Strengthen connection ring and conjoined stainless steel wire design -Equipped with 6x treble hooks. 250lb split rings -

Specifications: - Bait Fish Profile
Type: Hard Lure- Eyes: 3D Eyes- 
Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


o  Yellow Tail

o  Tuna

o  Giant Trevally (GT's)

o  Wahoo

o  Amber Jacks

o  Spanish Mackerel

o  Mahi Mahi


The "Wide mouth 8 inch Splash Popper - Reflective Tech Flash" is a fishing lure designed for targeting large pelagic fish such as tuna, giant trevally (GT), and other big game species. Here's some information you might find useful:

  1. Size: The lure is 8 inches long with a wide mouth, which is a substantial size. This size is often used for larger predatory fish that prefer bigger bait.

  2. Wide Mouth Popper Design: The "Wide mouth Popper" lure is designed to create a commotion on the water's surface when retrieved. This popping action can attract the attention of predatory fish.

  3. Reflective Tech Flash: "refers to a flashy or reflective material incorporated into the lure's design. This flash can mimic the scales of baitfish or create additional visual attraction.

  4. Target Species: As mentioned, this lure is intended for targeting big tuna, GT (giant trevally), and other large pelagic species. These fish are known for their strength and can be challenging to catch.

  5. Use with Heavy Tackle: To handle these large fish, you'll typically need a heavy Popping Rod, such as a heavy-duty rod, reel, and strong fishing line. Make sure your equipment is up to the task.

  6. Technique: The best technique for using a popper like this will depend on the specific conditions and the behavior of the fish on that day. However, a common approach is to cast the lure out and then retrieve it with a jerking or popping motion to create surface disturbance and attract the fish.

  7. Location: To catch big tuna, GT, and large pelagic fish, you'll often need to target offshore areas where these species are known to feed. 

Remember that fishing can be highly variable depending on location, weather, and the specific habits of the fish you're targeting.